So Many Different Business Plans, Which Do You Choose?

Walter Sanford

By Walter Sanford

Sure, there are guys out there who have a huge team, numerous page of advertising using direct response, and promises that if you implement his website, you just don’t have to work anymore.  Before you fall for this, you need to check this guy’s take home pay!  There are numerous speakers that tout around the clock referral generation.  It is genius, but it usually works best when new leads are brought into play through other lead generation systems, increasing the referral base.

There are the fringe speakers who usually have something to sell – staging books, software, websites, et al.  Their talks are normally centered around their product.  It might be a good product, but usually, it is only a tool that should be used when appropriate as part of a total business plan.  Some of the products are dangerous to implement in your business all of the time!

Truthfully, there is just nothing that beats a business plan that includes the following items:

1. Intelligent, inexpensive, and effective seller lead generation systems.

2. Client-centric listing presentation that explores the seller’s needs while meeting their expressed goals.

3.   Consistent buyer program weeding out the non-committed but offering better service to the survivors.

4.   Design checklists that can be followed no matter how busy you are while still making sure that net profit and customer perceived service remain top priority.

5.   Referral generating program leveraging existing business.

6.   Leveraging sellers to get buyers and leveraging the search for inventory for your buyers to get sellers.

7. Utilizing the opportunities available to you and getting a dual-value from looking at all the inventory by buying a little for yourself.

8. Time-block consistent dollar productive activities.

9. Delegate procedures through systems, technology, family, clients, affiliates, and staff.

10.  Budget by increasing resources to the items that work and improving or eliminating the systems that do not work.
Now that you have the general business plan, you will need to develop specifics on how to implement each step.  We hope you come to us.  If not us, please go to individuals who understand the big total picture of high production real estate and not just experts in very small parts that just happen to match the product they are selling.

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