Swiss Cheese People

Business Communication   Written by Sheila Murray Bethel on 12/2003 - Word Count: 302
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Would you like to be a better manager, leader or just a better human being? Take a fresh look at the people in your life from this perspective.


You and I and everyone we know have needs that have never been fulfilled. We have emotional and intellectual holes in our personalities. We are all Swiss cheese people. That doesn't make us bad or less than productive. In fact some people are massively successful because they spend all their energy trying to fill the big empty spaces inside by proving that they are o.k. by way of their achievements.


Look around and find someone you'd like to help (lead). See them as a wonderful Swiss cheese person waiting to have you help them fill their holes. Ask yourself:


Can Jorge be better at his job? Does he need some help or training to be more productive? What can I do to increase his competence and help fill his intellectual hole?


Does Stacey have a low self-esteem? What can I say or do to praise one of her good traits and help fill her emotional holes?


No one ever has all his holes filled. But what a gift you will give, by having this new sight. -----Swiss cheese people are just waiting for you!

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