Did You Know You Are A Salesperson?

Sales/Marketing Strategies   Written by Sheila Murray Bethel on 10/2003 - Word Count: 314
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Do you have to convince others of an idea? Do you need to get people to do what you want them to do? Then you are in sales!

Look at what successful salespeople do and how you can apply these ten concepts to your life.


1. Do some thinking or research to discovered your "customers" needs and desires.


2. Then begin by describing the benefit of your idea, product or service.


3. Elaborate with an example.


4. Explain how that example fits into their personal needs and experiences.


5. Ask for feedback to be sure that you understand the need or problem you are trying to solve and that the other person is aware of it as well.


6. Show how what you're selling has helped others, and what they say about it.


7. Apply the benefits to a very specific problem the person has, and back up your statement with proof.


8. Show how a loss could occur if your idea, product or service in not accepted.


9. Re-emphasize the benefits and how their personal motivations will be served.


10. Ask for an agreement, or commitment. In pure sales terms, ask for the order.


The basic steps to a successful sales presentation rarely vary. See how you can apply these to everyday situations, they'll help you "sell" anyone or anything.

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